The Set/Reset training and mentorship program provides a solid foundation for making wellness an integral aspect of the educator’s workday and the student’s school day.

Working With You

We work with clients to craft site-specific, tailor-made curricula that address the specific health and wellness needs and goals of schools and districts. Our flexible model allows for adaptation across a variety of academic environments, and is delivered directly via training and mentorship.



The Set/Reset mentorship is an extension and expansion of the teacher training. The mentorship entails monthly on-site observations, verbal and written feedback, and advocacy to encourage school-wide integration and participation. Teaching materials are provided and can be modified to meet instructor and student specifications. Correspondence via phone and email can be arranged between site visits.

We are distinguished by our investment in providing the care and communication required to establish a sustainable, well-rooted, whole-school culture of self-care for all.







Teacher Training

Our core program is structured as a one-year train-the-trainer process. This program includes 3-5 full days of training, which can be broken up into consecutive modules or held on district PD days over the course of the year.

The teacher training is an opportunity to work closely with experienced practitioners and teachers of the Set/Reset method alongside fellow educators.

Participants typically include PE teachers, academic teachers, school counselors, and principals. Eligible students are welcome to attend.