Our programs are based on the underlying philosophy that physical, mental, emotional, and social health are interrelated and interdependent.

We train teachers in a curriculum that combines mindful movement, breath awareness, contemplative exercises, and active relaxation. Following our training, we conduct ongoing on-site mentorships, which include observation, feedback, and tangible support.

To date, Set/Reset has supported implementation in over 120 schools (reaching more than 71,500 students) throughout the United States.


The Set/Reset framework uses intelligent, breath-centered movement from a variety of modalities (yoga, physical therapy, fitness, stress-reduction, deep relaxation techniques, and strength training) to create curricula suitable for a wide range of clients and environments.

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Urban Yogis

The Urban Yogi program trains inner-city youth in transformative practices, such as yoga and meditation, in an effort to combat gun violence, bullying, and negative behaviors. It was launched in 2012 by Erica Ford, Deepak Chopra, and Eddie Stern.

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