Set/Reset is a nonprofit organization committed to supporting educational communities as they implement a dynamic curriculum that emphasizes movement, breath, and mindfulness.

What We Do

Set/Reset works with educators, counselors, and other members of school communities to promote a culture of education that places social-emotional well-being at the center of growth and learning.

We believe that the health and vitality of the body is inextricable from the health and vitality of the mind, and that a robust learning environment must take this relationship into account in order to best serve all its members.

How We Do It

The Set/Reset team creates responsive curricula, provides on-site and remote training and mentorship, and offers modular materials. Our train-the-trainer model is designed to be adaptable and sustainable, with an emphasis on helping clients develop a sense of confidence and ownership over these tools and techniques.

Please visit our Services page for more information regarding Teacher Training and Mentorship.

Where We Do It

We are based out of Brooklyn, New York, and love working with schools all over the U.S. and beyond. Our programs have been implemented in Texas, South Carolina, Indiana, Illinois, New York, and Jamaica.