Melanie Parker

Melanie Parker

Melanie Parker received her B.A. from Hampshire College, where she studied psychoanalysis, literature, writing, social justice, and yoga. She is currently a Master’s candidate in Psychology at the New School for Social Research, where she studies the role of the body in psychological development, psychopathology, and psychotherapy.

Melanie initiated her exploration of yoga in 2003. In 2010, she completed a training with Street Yoga, a nonprofit organization based out of Portland, Oregon. Her first placement was at a community center for at-risk youth. Upon relocating to New York, she underwent a comprehensive teacher training and continued working in the wellness field as a writer and editor.

In 2012, she joined the Pure Edge (formerly Sonima Foundation) training and mentorship program, which led to an adjunct position at East Side Community High, a 6-12 public school on the Lower East Side in Manhattan. Shortly thereafter, Melanie joined the K-12 curriculum development team. Barbara Verrochi served as Melanie’s project manager and mentor from 2012 until 2016, and has been Melanie’s primary teacher since 2011.

Since 2014, Melanie has engaged in professional development in prenatal, trauma-sensitive, therapeutic, and developmentally-informed yoga. She is also a dedicated student of Genny Kapuler, with whom she studies experiential anatomy and somatic movement.

Melanie is proud to work with Barbara and Kelley on co-creating research-based curricula, facilitating trainings and workshops, and promoting a thoughtful approach to personal and social well-being. She derives joy and fortitude from students of the Shala Yoga House, where she teaches Ashtanga-based yoga to adults.