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Set/Reset is a non-profit that supports the integration of health and wellness practices into educational environments.

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All of our programs are based on the underlying philosophy that physical, mental, emotional, and social health are interrelated and interdependent. We take a dynamic approach that combines mindful movement, breath awareness, contemplative exercises, and active relaxation.

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  • BMR is one of the best programs that I have ever been a part of. Eddie Stern and Denise Horvilleur are amazing leaders and great role models. The trainings that I attended gave me all the tools needed to successfully implement the program in my school. My favorite part of the program was the monthly visits. I looked forward to the positive feedback and the pictures taken by Denise during her observations. I became a better Instructor because of the advice I was given throughout my practice, observations, and feedback. I love the way the BMR program impacted my whole community. It created a new culture among the administrators, teachers, students , and parents when dealing with different stressful situations. I was able to better control my different groups of students by simply following the Daily breathing routine. I will recommend this program to anyone. Thank you Denise and Eddie for all your hard work and dedication to this fantastic program. Keep up the good work!
    Nora Ryan
    Nora RyanHouston, TX
  • The BMR program is a great program! It has made a difference in my classroom. Its easy to implement the program into your daily routine. It has helped with discipline and classroom management. Most of all the students really enjoy it!
    John Duran - Burnet Elementary
    John Duran - Burnet ElementaryHouston, TX
  • Everybody that has come in and watched the wellness practices can not believe that these kids have come so far in learning how to relax and learning how to calm down after a class. it is so different when you look at how how they used to leave class, they would sprint to the locker room and they were wired, versus taking this 7 or 8 minutes learning how to relax, learning how to quiet their mind, and walking to the locker room. It is a world of difference. Mr. Cox, the Principal, could not believe it when he watched it. Another Assistant Principal came from another school came and watched it. He was like wow. The other part that has helped this, and the kids have really bought into it, is that I learned how to turn off lights since they are all motion centered. I start out doing the talking and then when I have them relaxed, I add the ocean waves to it and give them the last few minutes of quiet. I have gotten better at it as the year has gone on.
    Ron Lanham - Whale Branch Middle School
    Ron Lanham - Whale Branch Middle SchoolBeaufort, South Carolina
  • This program was life changing for me personally.  As an educator it is easy to get caught up in the stress that is our day to day work life.  I was introduced to these practices and began first the practices myself.  From there, I was able to extend it out to the students I service both in PE but in their classrooms as well. Since we began these practices at our school I have had the opportunity to lead staff development sessions and expand the practice from PE to the classroom.  I am teaching small group lessons with our Middle School students.  They often are the ones that are the most appreciative of their time to rest and reset.  I often receive "I didn't know I needed that, but I did." or "that helped so much, thank you." I credit this to the lifestyle change I made for myself, which all started with Kelley and this program.
    Tai Tieken
    Tai TiekenIndianapolis Public Schools
  • They love rest and look forward to it. When I first started, I was worried about my voice. I am football coach and I have a booming voice, and I have learned to tone it down, and get calmer. It brings me down and slows me down when I am dealing with the students. For me it has been a good release.
    Ron Lanham - Whale Branch Middle School
    Ron Lanham - Whale Branch Middle SchoolBeaufort, South Carolina


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